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This Is Orlando's COOP FREE Webinar SignUp to Answer Questions - Join ORLANDO ALL 2nd Level Proceeds are Returned to the Members that Performed the Original Sign UP ! - I get Paid You get Paid.
We'll do our very best to make sure all of the Founders go deep.
But just being near a couple of them in your up and downline Zeus gives to you, will yield nice rewards.  I expect some of these people to be pulling out 10 BNB a day in the not too far future.  That means they are putting back 3 a day in re-contribution to the platform.
You get 2.5% of that.  Which is .25 BNB from that one person. In a month it would be 7.5 BNB from one person.  Imagine if all 100 founders were pulling down 10 BNB a day.
Tim, that seems like so much!  NO, it doesn't.  Some will do this on day 1 - I guarantee it.
If you do your job and I assist you in every way I can,
This example will be a portion of what you really will be pulling down.
It's always going to be about new people while in the growth stage, it is with every new program.
The difference is Zeus has no: Autoship, monthly fees, attrition, pills to swallow, or a skill you have to learn. Crypto for Dummies with the Peoples Smart contract.
Everyone writes down the number 100,000.
That's our goal for 12-1-2022.  1 year in and Zeus will be guaranteed to live for a decade or more if not a single person comes in after that.
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Founders Get a Special Deal with Rewards.. Watch the Video.. These Contracts Do not change.. They DO Pay.. Launch is In DEC 2021 - EVERY Transfer Or Withdraw Pays Several Members. These mini-Contracts are making many Wealthy , How About You ? 
You Really Can do Well with This Honest Program 
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